Skinja Origin Story

Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

You waited months, even years to get a new phone. And the day you got it, nothing ever looked sooo good.

Fast forward a month and you wake up to the sad realization your phone has become boring, because face it, everyone else has the same phone.

And that's a problem Bro.

So we asked the Universe, "Universe, is there a solution?"
And the Universe answered, "SKINJA!"

Wait, what's Skinja?

Skinja [SKIN-JUH]: A revolutionary method of wrapping devices to make them one of a kind and On Point. Each Skinja is made out of an exclusive tough film to add individual style and protection. It's not a Case, it's a Skinja

8 years in the making, the Dawn of Skinja has Arrived.

Today is the day the Universe invites you to join our Dojo